ECGA Annual Report 2023

We are proud to present the ECGA Annual Report 2023, a comprehensive document that highlights the advancements and ongoing commitments of the European carbon and graphite industry towards sustainability and innovation.

We are focusing on six key chapters that explore the strategic role of graphite in the EU economy, our drive for excellence within the sector, contributions to Europe’s competitive edge, the path towards a green transition, and the role of carbon and graphite in sustainable and circular economy initiatives.

We invite you to download and read the full report to gain deeper insights into how we are driving the industry forward.

Graphite in Renewable Energy – Solar Power Info Sheet

The ECGA “Renewable Energy – Solar Power” info sheet emphasizes graphite’s role in solar energy, especially in photovoltaic cell manufacturing and solar panel production. It notes graphite’s unique properties like heat resistance and electrical conductivity, crucial for efficient solar cell functioning. The sheet also highlights graphite’s importance in solar energy storage, particularly in lithium-ion batteries, projecting an increasing demand for graphite in renewable energy markets. This highlights graphite’s key contribution to the growth of solar power technologies.

Carbon and Graphite in Renewable Energy – Wind Power Info Sheet

The ECGA’s “Renewable Energy – Wind Power” infosheet discusses the crucial roles of carbon and graphite in enhancing wind turbine efficiency, particularly in rotor blades and electrical components. It underscores the growing importance of wind power in Europe’s renewable energy mix and points out the advanced use of these materials in supporting the development of larger, more effective wind turbines. The sheet also touches on carbon and graphite’s relevance in energy storage solutions, aligning with the shift towards sustainable energy technologies.

Graphite in Semiconductors Info Sheet

The ECGA “Semiconductors” info sheet outlines the crucial role of isostatic graphite in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Highlighting graphite’s key properties like thermal and chemical resistance, the sheet explains its use in critical stages like silicon crystal growth and ion implantation. It also notes the increasing demand for isostatic graphite in the European semiconductor industry, pointing to expected market growth.

Carbon and Graphite in Refractories Info Sheet

The ECGA info sheet on “Refractories” offers an insightful summary of the use of carbon and graphite in refractory materials for high-temperature industries. It outlines various refractory types, focusing on those incorporating graphite for improved heat dissipation and longevity, particularly in high-demand sectors such as aerospace. The sheet details the properties and industrial applications of carbon and graphite in refractories.