Supply chain

In an era where sustainability and strategic resource management are paramount, the European Carbon and Graphite Association (ECGA) is proud to announce the formation of a strategic partnership. This Initiative aligns with Europe's ambitions under the Critical Raw Materials Act, the Net-Zero Act and the EU Green Deal, focusing on the strategic material - graphite. Our goal is clear: to foster a sustainable, self-reliant European graphite industry, reducing dependency on imports and ensuring responsible, ethical sourcing.


To address the expected shortage of carbon, synthetic graphite and natural graphite products and to develop and enlarge a sustainable European supply of carbon and graphite products by addressing investment, permitting, technology and recycling issues.

To secure a sustainable supply of at least 40% of natural and synthetic graphite supply to EU industries from EU sources.


Trade Issues: Secure a 40% supply of carbon and graphite products from EU sources by 2030, reducing import dependency and collaborating with importing countries where appropriate.

Investment and Permitting: Increase the sector’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) to support growth and development and ensure efficient permitting to improve European supply and return on investment.

Employment: Enhance employment opportunities through upskilling and expanding the workforce in the sector.

Environment: Aim to decrease the CO2 balance of carbon and graphite products in the EU market by 50%, leveraging the increase of EU-produced materials and research into advanced technologies as well as improving technology and carbon capture and utilisation.


Our partnership is committed to taking decisive actions, including:

  • Eliminating EU suspension of tariffs and addressing dumping and subsidy issues related to non-EU graphite
  • Implementing the Due Diligence Guidance and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidance for the graphite sector.
  • Collaborating with the European Carbon Association and its chapters on education and research.
  • Developing best practice guidelines for natural graphite mining and processing.
  • Implementing the adopted Product Category Rules (PCRs) for graphite products and improving data for Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).
  • Focusing on Carbon Capture technology to reduce environmental impact.

Members of the Partnership

Our partnership brings together a diverse array of stakeholders, including:

  • Key enabling strategic technologies like battery and fuel cell manufacturers, renewable energy, steel and batteries recycling industries.
  • Raw material suppliers and processors of natural and synthetic graphite.
  • The scientific community, including academic experts and researchers in carbon and graphite.
  • Downstream users such as the automotive, steel, and aluminium industries, alongside the dismantling and recycling industry.


We welcome new members who share our vision for a sustainable and innovative graphite industry. For membership inquiries, please contact Dr. Corina Hebestreit at

The ECGA Partnership is more than a coalition; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. By promoting responsible and ethical sourcing, we aim to create a brighter, more equitable future. Join us in this journey as we redefine the graphite industry’s role in Europe’s industrial landscape.